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We will punish Lukashenko, Putin's puppet

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One of the National Anti-Crisis Management priorities is to prosecute dictator Lukashenko and his associates for their crimes of mass repression against Belarusians and for starting a war against Ukraine.

Two former British prime ministers, Gordon Brown and Sir John Major, along with 150 former presidents, prime ministers, judges and academics, have called for an international tribunal to be established in The Hague and the Russian president and leadership charged with war crimes, adopting a declaration to this effect.

In this connection, the National Anti-Crisis Management team has liaised with the offices of Gordon Brown and Sir John Major to launch the "Punish Putin’s Puppet" campaign to bring Lukashenko and his associates to justice. We established direct contacts, initiated correspondence, held a series of meetings and published a number of articles in the European media with a similar title.

As a result — former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has published a "criminal charge text" (indictment), for possible use in an international tribunal being set up to prosecute crimes committed in connection with the war in Ukraine.

It is important to note that this statement, along with the indictment of the Russian leadership, also contains a thesis that the Belarusian dictator Lukashenko should also be indicted.

This approach should be justified by the fact that dictator Lukashenko handed over the territory and military infrastructure of Belarus to the armed forces of the Russian Federation, thus ensuring the possibility of a military invasion of Ukraine. As Lukashenko himself claims, without his help it would not have been possible to carry out the so-called "special operation" of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine.

The National Anti-Crisis Management directorate will continue to work in this direction. We consider it of fundamental importance not to allow the Lukashenko regime to escape responsibility for complicity in the war and aggression against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

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