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At the railway station there is a lonely minister left

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Today we can observe how the foreign policy of Belarus has been brought to complete absurdity and looks more like a farce than diplomatic relations.

Responsibility for this absurdity lies first of all with Minister for Foreign Affairs Makei who is trying to retain his position at any cost.

Makei, who until recently was broadcasting allegiance to the West and demonstrating elements of pro-belarussianism, today is doing everything to please Moscow with the aim to take the position of the dictator. Once Makei played the role of a "soft patriot", encouraged the use of national symbols and even promoted Vyshyvanka Day in the Foreign Ministry. Now he zealously defends the regime that for the same vyshyvanka sends Belarusians to prisons. However, the attempts to "sit on two chairs" never lead to anything good.

And the results of Makei’s work as Minister from 2012 to 2020 speak most eloquently:

1. Belarus' exports of goods fell by 37% compared to 2012;

2. Annual foreign investment in the real economy in 2020 is $ 5.5 billion lower than when Makei took office in 2012;

3. The number of career diplomats in the central office has halved, and a third wave of layoffs is looming;

4. The country’s reputation in the eyes of international partners has been completely destroyed;

5. Belarus' independence and sovereignty are under threat.

The Kremlin may have seriously considered Makei as Lukashenka’s successor. But his play on two fronts, both yours and ours, did not appeal to Moscow, and illusions went up in smoke.

Once he used to enter certain European salons, presenting himself as a fighter for European values. Once his pleas for pseudo-evangelists to the West meant something to the dictator. But now Makei’s words mean nothing to the illegitimate, or to international partners. This is already history. The trains have gone in different directions. The lone minister is left alone at this station. And no one will want to support him any more — neither the West, nor the East.

Even in Lukashenka’s Foreign Ministry, where there has been no foreign affairs for nine months now, Makei can hardly find any respectful eyes among his fellow diplomats. After his failure to condemn the murder, torture and violence and terror against Belarusians, what he has done to the country’s foreign policy and foreign affairs department, no one supports him. But first of all, he will never be supported by the Belarusian society again.

Pavel Latushka.

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