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Digest: January 24 - February 6

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The Hague for Lukashenka, a new press secretary, work with diplomats and actual "homework" for our common victory

Supporters of change in Belarus continue to prepare for the "referendum". A Polish lawyer filed an application with the International Criminal Court in The Hague against Lukashenka and his accomplices. The NAM team was replenished with a new press secretary Artsiom Brukhan and held new meetings at the international level. More — in our digest.

And the "homework" for those who want to live in New Belarus today is:

Let’s cross out the "referendum"!

Soon the dictatorship will hold a "referendum" to try to strengthen its position and create the illusion of its legitimacy. Our main task is to prevent it, so let us remind you:
  • we will come to the "referendum", put two bold crosses in front of all the options, take a picture of our ballots and confirm our action on the "Voice" platform;
  • even in the conditions of blocking independent media, persecution of honest journalists and "sometimes not up to the law", we will disseminate information — how to do it effectively and safely, read the link in the text of the post.

Those who, fighting with their own people, build an ideology convenient for themselves on the merits of our ancestors, surprisingly do not realize what Belarusian partisans are, who know how to win. We will help you.

The Hague for a dictator

Polish lawyer Tomasz Wilinski, with the assistance of the NAM and human rights activists, filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague against Lukashenka and his accomplices, including Tertel and Karpenkov. 160 pages of legal justification, 40 thousand pages of attached documents, on behalf of many citizens of Belarus, including the head of the NAM Pavel Latushka.

In December last year, Vilinsky filed a similar statement with the National Prosecutor’s Office of Poland — on suspicion of genocide of the Belarusian people and crimes against humanity. The NAM team is confident that the criminals must and will be punished, and invites representatives of all democratic countries to take legal action as actively as possible, and the ICC in The Hague to issue arrest warrants and put the regime’s representatives on the Interpol wanted list.

New the NAM press secretary

The post of press secretary of the NAM — concurrently with the position of foreign policy adviser — was taken by Artsiom Brukhan, replacing Maxim Parshuta. Artsiom is a former employee of the Brest Regional Executive Committee, where he was responsible for the preservation of historical heritage and international cooperation, a Master of Historical Sciences, a graduate of the New Personnel for New Belarus courses initiated by the NAM at the University of Warsaw, and is open to cooperation with media representatives from Belarus and the rest of the world.

Working with partners

Pavel Latushka and Vladzimir Astapenka, responsible for foreign policy at the NAM, met with the Deputy Ambassador of Great Britain. The main topics of this working discussion were:
  • real measures for the official non-recognition of Lukashenka, his government and the "referendum" at the international level;
  • bringing to justice (including with the support of British lawyers) those responsible for the genocide of the Belarusian people, the hijacking of a Ryanair plane, the migration crisis and active assistance to Russian military blackmail;
  • depriving the dictatorship of the means of subsistence, including the buildup of sanctions pressure;
  • the importance of keeping the "Belarusian issue" in the global focus.

As part of the non-stop work of the NAM with foreign partners, Pavel Latushka and Artsiom Brukhan also met with the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Jakub Dirr. Representatives of the NAM conveyed to Dirr the proposals of the democratic forces to resist the dictatorship, including the synchronization of sanctions, and informing the new government of the Czech Republic about the situation in Belarus. The Ambassador of the Czech Republic, in turn, guaranteed the further support of the Belarusian people from his state.

External political pressure

The NAM participants addressed the Swiss Foreign Ministry regarding the presentation of credentials by the country’s ambassador to Belarus to citizen Lukashenka — and, taking the opportunity, once again declare their protest, and also voice their questions to the diplomats:
  1. What was the progress (if any) in protecting Swiss citizen, political prisoner Natalia Hershe before the appointment of a new ambassador, and what are the plans after?
  2. Does the leadership of the country realize that its citizen is a hostage of an international terrorist and that the credentials were presented to an international terrorist, and not to a legitimate president?
  3. Do diplomats really understand the position of Natalia Hershe herself, for which she is in captivity?

The NAM hopes for a responsible and consistent approach of all civilized countries, including Switzerland, regarding the regime.

Victory over dictatorship is the business of each of us. We are offering to you:
  • disseminate information about plans for a "referendum" as actively and competently as possible;
  • participate in civil control over the "referendum" using the Zubr platform, register on the "Voice", "get acquainted" with your election commission on a special website;
  • write words of support to your compatriots in a letter;
  • to continue personal economic pressure on the regime: withdraw money from cards and bank deposits, refuse excisable goods and expensive new things.

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