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Vision on the Police Reform for New Belarus | Block 1

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What the police will be like in New Belarus: discuss the background, the aims, goals, objectives, principles of reform and public control of the work of the MIA

In the first block of the presentation, we explain why we consider the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to be vital for Belarus, what conceptual problems we all have to solve. We are talking about the key goals, objectives and principles of the reform — how we see them.
We offer tools for civic control of the police of the future through public organisations and the involvement of all the people.

Why is direct cooperation between the police and the population is fundamental for the truly effective work of the MIA? Why and precisely how should the police be accountable to the people they serve?

These are just some of the questions that we will find the answers to together with you.
We urge you not only to get acquainted with our reform proposals, but to take an active part in its discussion. Even if it seems to you that you do not know anything about the functioning of the MIA, your opinion is important.

Share your thoughts through the feedback form on the reform website and chatbot, as well as on your own social networks, accompanying posts with the hashtag #NAMreformaovd.

We will hear everyone — and together we will create a police force for New Belarus, which we will be proud of, whom we will trust, which will meet the interests of the whole country.

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