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Why the IMF should refuse a dictator

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The NAM responds: campaign to deprive the regime of access to IMF resources in questions and answers

On June 12, we launched a campaign to deprive the Lukashenka’s regime of access to IMF resources. Since then, many not indifferent Belarusians have joined us, who supported our appeals to the fund’s management, using letter templates prepared by the NAM team.

We also received a number of questions from you that are important to clarify.

Pavel Latushka and Elena Zhivoglod answer the questions.

We ask you to share this video with your friends and acquaintances. And also — a simple instruction for everyone who wants to join our campaign and prevent the regime from receiving money for repression.

How can you help?

1) Send your requests to IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva at and include the following addresses in a copy of the letter:;;

Request template

2) Send them also to the members of the Executive Board representing your countries in the IMF (if you live abroad).

Table with control contacts

Request template

Time to act!

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