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Victory Day will be our day!

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The NAM team addresses Belarusians on the eve of Victory Day

This year, May 9 has a special meaning for Belarusians. We will celebrate the victory over fascism in a country where, in the 21st century, fascism has not just reared its head but is flourishing. In a country occupied by a dictator who openly admired Hitler. A country, which every day looks more and more like a concentration camp, not a European state.

The people of Belarus are confronted today with the same evil as in the 1940s — adjusted for its internal, not external origins. Massive state terror, stolen elections, false propaganda, artificial division of citizens into "right" and "wrong" - this is the surroundings the illegitimate authorities suggest we celebrate Victory Day over fascism. With gala concerts and kebabs instead of honoring the memory of those who fought for the motherland.

But we, the proud and free Belarusians — children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of the victors of fascism — will celebrate May 9 with dignity. On that day, we shall take to the streets of our towns, for the right to call our own, which our forefathers fought for. We will honor those who fought against fascism, past and present. We will feel like victors ourselves. This Victory Day must be — and will be — our day.

We call upon Belarusians to come together on May 9:
  • Gather without symbols in places permitted for mass festivities during daylight hours.
  • To lay flowers at the nearest themed monument or memorial — an option for those who will be out of town.
The rest of the details of the festive event will be announced later.

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