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NAU starts cooperation with the Stop Propaganda community

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Over the past six months, we have seen what kind of regime’s propaganda can be. How can she lie, pass off black as white, urge people to throw stones at the windows of peaceful Belarusians. How can she accuse victims of crimes and incite hostility towards civilians who want to live in a free country in which the law operates.

Today we are announcing the cooperation of the National Anti-Crisis Management and the Stop Propaganda community to jointly oppose the propaganda of the Lukashenka regime. During its work, the team managed, among other things, to achieve the removal of many accounts of the regime in social networks. The guys have already cleared the information space of thousands of provocative posts full of lies, hatred and incitement to hatred among Belarusians.

With your help, we can — and will certainly do — even more. Join the project and start fighting the propaganda of the illegitimate government. Not only is it easy, safe and will take very little of your time, but it is also critical to winning.

Together, we can reduce the level of online propaganda as much as possible — and help spread honest information and useful initiatives.

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