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How not to become an unwitting accomplice to "non-contact violence" against Belarusians?

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Many Belarusians found unusual bank leaflets in their mailboxes today. This was reported by Belsat, Basta! and other media.

The flyers talked about "new bank cards" of Belinvestbank and Belagroprombank — "OMON+" and "GUBOP & Co" cards with a unique "contactless violence" function. The authors of the leaflets point out: these cards bear the blood of peaceful Belarusians, who are beaten, tortured, and raped by the security forces at our expense.

We have carefully studied the contents of the leaflets and confirm the main theses of their authors:

  • By serving money in these banks, we indeed become unwitting accomplices to the crimes of the law enforcers.

  • By keeping money on deposit or in accounts, we allow the banks to use it to pay the security services salaries, bonuses, and soft loans, as well as to lend money to organisations that supply the security services with weapons, equipment, special means, and machinery.

Earlier we have already reported on three banks, serving security forces: Belinvestbank, Belagroprombank and Belarusbank. Today we would like to once again urge everyone who does not want to commit crimes against humanity at their expense — boycott these banks through the action "ATM-exchange-bank".

It is in our power to deprive the criminal regime of money as much as possible. The more creative Belarusians join our common campaign, the faster we will do it.

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