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The NAM urges Belarusians to contact the International Labor Organisation

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The NAM calls on workers from different spheres to contact the International Labor Organization — this is another way to put pressure on the regime and bring victory closer

In June, a meeting of the International Labor Organization (ILO) will take place, one of the topics of which will be the situation in Belarus. To help the organisation make the right decision, together with Belarusians, we will send thousands of appeals to the ILO. This is necessary to show the real situation of workers and members of independent trade unions in Belarus.

The other day, Secretary General of the International Trade Union Confederation Sharon Barrow has already expressed his opinion on the situation in Belarus. "The government has failed to implement key recommendations of the ILO Commission of Inquiry and is now intensifying its repression of workers' freedom of association," she said. — We will raise this issue at the ILO meeting in June and consider other steps to make sure Belarus meets its obligations. The International Trade Union Confederation supports our sisters and brothers, and therefore will continue to organise international solidarity in defense of their fundamental rights."

The NAM encourages Belarusians from different spheres to sign individual and collective appeals and send them to the ILO, in coordination with independent initiatives and organizations:

• industrial workers — with the community *Honest people;
• medics — with the Belarusian Medical Solidarity Fund;
• athletes — with the Sports Solidarity Fund;
• journalists — with the Belarusian Association of Journalists.

We invite Belarusians to honestly talk about the facts of pressure on workers in production, threats of dismissal and dismissals, the facts of deprivation of bonuses and state support, coercion to sign collective appeals and other violations of their rights.

Why is it necessary?

If the ILO receives confirmation of the facts of pressure on Belarusian workers, the organization can initiate its own investigation. If the facts are confirmed, this will lead to additional sanctions against the regime: for example, exclusion from the General System of Preferences, which, in turn, will complicate the export of Belarusian goods to the EU and other countries. In addition, the decisions of the ILO may become a reason for the introduction of additional sanctions against specific enterprises that have not met the requirements of the organisation and violate the rights of workers. In addition, the ILO has already launched an immediate intervention procedure, which is launched only in case of emergency.

Where do I go if I want to write to the ILO?

1) For industrial workers
2) For medics
3) For athletes
4) For journalists

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