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Economic Pressure on the Regime: Questions and Answers

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Depriving the regime of money is one of the key priorities of the NAM. We have prepared a series of publications in the "question-answer" format — about what exactly we do and how it works

Let’s start with general questions:

1) What are the legal grounds for imposing sanctions?

For US sanctions — the "Act on Democracy, Human Rights and Sovereignty of Belarus-2020". This law corrected and supplemented the 2004 law under which the first sanctions were imposed. For Europe, these are similar decisions of the European Commission.

2) Who monitors the implementation of the sanctions?

In the United States, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). There are similar bodies in England (OFSI) and the EU (DG FISMA unit E.5).

3) What is the NAM doing to impose sanctions and what results will it lead to?

— Informing international financial organizations about the illegitimacy of the management of the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus. The result is the regime’s inability to borrow money from the IMF.

— Collapse of the value of government bonds. The result is that the regime will not be able to borrow money from private borrowers on the international market. Russia is an exception so far, but we are working on it.

— Restoration of sanctions against "Belneftekhim" enterprises. The result will be the cancellation of the OFAC 2G license for a number of businesses and the renewal of US sanctions.

— Freezing state banks' correspondent accounts with foreign banks and disconnecting them from payment systems. The result could be the termination of processing contracts with state banks in Belarus.

— Expansion of the EU sanctions lists and their synchronization with the American ones. The result will be the deprivation of the regime’s ability to bypass US sanctions on the European market.

— Adding "Belaruskali" to the sanctions lists. We sent the corresponding letter to OFAC, the result may be the return of "Belaruskali" to the list of sanctioned enterprises of "Belneftekhim" from April 27.

In addition, we are implementing a number of initiatives that we cannot yet talk about publicly.

Next, we will tell you why some state-owned companies are not yet included in the sanction’s lists, why European sanctions are needed, if there are American ones, and what we are doing to synchronize both lists.

All of this is a lot of work, the results of which hasten the financial collapse of the regime. But it is important to understand that without massive internal pressure, it will replenish losses at the expense of the money of the Belarusians themselves.

To prevent this from happening, we launched the "ATM-Exchange-Bank" campaign — 3 simple steps that will help save your money from the regime and scare it even more than the sanctions.

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