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"People's Constitution": let’s be politically literate at a time when the word "apolitical" became a dirty word

One of the whales on which any regime similar to the current Belarusian one is held is the apolitical nature of society. Indifference of citizens in exchange for imaginary stability. "Don't go! Keep your head down! You don’t understand anything about this! " — for 27 years they have been hammering into our heads. Heads too busy in the 90s (whose return they scare us, doing everything to make them come back in the worst possible condition) with questions of survival to understand politics.

Lukashenka took advantage of this, "under the guise" of approving the norms of the Constitution that were convenient for him, which allowed him to build his own regime in dubious referendums. Ensure yourself unlimited rights, including the right to a lifelong "throne". He hopes for exactly the same now, once again rewriting the Basic Law "for himself."

A year ago, Belarusians realized that they had no right to be apolitical. That in order to save the country, its sovereignty, its future, ours, you need to be politicized. That all these 27 years the dictatorship was fueled primarily by silence and inaction.

It is not difficult to understand what politics is. It is not difficult to understand what the Constitution is, why it is needed and how it works. It is not difficult to understand how we came to the dictatorship and what needs to be done so that it will never happen again in our country.

You can see this in educational materials, where we talk about important things in simple language. Read and see for yourself, share with your friends — we will not allow the dictator to once again "push through" amendments to the Constitution that are beneficial only to him, right?

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