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How Belarusian executive committees and administrations help to increase the profit of enterprises and pay salaries

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Thanks to the community *Honest people and the project "Dialogue with the people" @honest_dialog_bot for honest officials, you can learn more about how the economy works in Belarus. Just two simple examples.

According to information received from honest government officials, everything is arranged like this:

1) The organization submits statistical reports. And there, unfortunately, losses. What to do? How to raise an enterprise? It’s simple: just call a government agency and, in an orderly manner, ask to replace losses in the statement of income. Done: now in a district, city or region minus one unprofitable enterprise and plus one profitable. Technically, it can be like this: if according to real data there is a loss, for example, 10 thousand BYN, then you can easily add 20 thousand BYN to the profit from the sale.

2) Another place to improve reporting is salaries. It is bad when there are arrears in wages, it is good when everything is paid on time. Delayed salary — peeled off a piece of stability. And if, according to the reporting, everything was done on time, then everything is fine in the country. Moreover, they call from the administration and strongly recommend submitting just such data.

But there is a nuance. A telephone conversation, in which an employee of the organization is told to change the data submitted to Belstat, is hardly recorded anywhere. Unless an honest employee himself writes down the incoming from the administration (although it’s a good habit). But the information about the corrections of the reporting is stored on the servers. And the penalty for distorting the reporting will be received by the one who is responsible for its preparation, and not a person from the administration.

Obey the laws, record questionable conversations, and join the community of honest officials if you work in the public service: @honest_dialog_bot.

Together we can achieve the fulfillment of popular demands and begin to live in a country where the state does not encourage crime.

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