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Pavel Latushka about the September 28 tragedy

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"No one Belarusian, no matter from which side of the barricades he is — the barricades created by the dictator, should not die for or because of Lukashenka."

Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka — about the tragedy on September 28 in Minsk.

— We will find out the whole truth only after honest investigation, which is impossible under the Lukashenka’s regime. The only one who can tell more — the wife of Andrey Zeltser — was taken into custody. She faces up to 25 years. And now it is very important to make it public — this is the least that can be done to protect her.

— It was not only Andrey Zeltser who was declared a terrorist — a calm, kind and sympathetic person, according to his entourage. All who disagree with the regime were declared terrorists. The propagandists and accomplices of the dictator openly threaten the Belarusians and demand reprisals. To justify further iniquity.

— It is important to clearly understand. For now, the security forces have carte blanche for arbitrariness and violence, which the regime gave them. As long as Lukashenka keeps power by force. So far, propaganda incites hatred between Belarusians. Such situations will be repeated.

— "Lukashenka's power is illegitimate and illegal, which means that its representatives, including those who carry out the orders of this power, have also set themselves above the law. They have no right to detain, take into custody, break into other people’s houses, or pass sentences.

— And citizens — have the right to self-defense. Have the right to defend themselves. And each of us has the right to decide whether to use this right or not. Only we ourselves can stop the violence and return the law to the country.

— Today the security officials are told that their colleague was killed by a terrorist. This is true. But his surname is not Zeltser. His surname is Lukashenka.

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