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Vision on the Police Reform for New Belarus | Block 6

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What the police will be like in New Belarus: further steps to reform the police department

Today we are completing the presentation of the proposal of the reform of the MIA. But we emphasize that the work does not stop there. We are still open to your ideas and invite you to participate in the creation of police for New Belarus.

What are our next steps?

— we will systematise and analyze your feedback on the reform project in order to improve it and reflect suggestions and criticisms. We will then publish an updated version for further public discussion;
— we will audit existing legislation and propose changes to reflect the ideas of the reform;
— We will develop a flexible reform schedule and timeline with tasks prioritization and specific steps.

At each of these stages, we will be fully transparent with you. Because only through the participation of the whole society and openness can we create the country of which Belarusians dream.

The full text of all sections of the draft reform of the MIA has already been published on the website We invite you not only to explore it, but also to share it with your community and let us know what you think of the project by using the feedback form on the reform website and the Telegram chatbot.

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