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It's time to act! Pavel Latushka addressed EU leaders and EU foreign ministers

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In his speech, the Head of the NAM called on the leadership of the EU countries to show political will

In his speech, the Head of the National Anti-Crisis Management called on the leadership of the EU countries to show political will and recalled that the empty seat of Belarus at the Eastern Partnership summit belongs to the Belarusian people, whose vote was stolen in 2020.

One of the main topics of the speech was the importance of recognizing Lukashenka as a criminal and terrorist. "What would you call a neighbor who uses lies and forges documents to get hold of a title, who uses torture and violence to impose his power, who can take the whole country hostage or passengers on a passing plane that is involved in smuggling and human trafficking, unleashes a hybrid aggression against the EU?" - Pavel Latushka asked.

Three specific instruments of the strategy of action in relation to the regime were announced: non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government; recognition of Lukashenka and his accomplices responsible for crimes against humanity and acts of international terrorism, recognition of Lukashenka as the head of a terrorist group; the use of sanctions, without exception, as an instrument of the regime’s responsibility.

Pavel Latushka drew attention to the fact that the non-recognition of Lukashenka is an additional guarantee of the independence of Belarus in connection with the growing pressure from Russia. The Belarusian people, not the usurper, are the guarantors of the country’s independence.

It was also noted that the "referendum" planned by the regime could not be recognized by the world community, the usurper had already opened a counter of new political prisoners and repressed in Belarus, without announcing a plebiscite.

"It's time to act!" - the main principle of Pavel Latushka and the National Anti-Crisis Management. "It's time to act!" — today this is the main appeal that was voiced during the high-level meeting. Otherwise, many Belarusians will never believe that Europe is ruled by law and not by political expediency and lack of will.

The non-standard situation in Belarus requires non-standard tools to resolve it.

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