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Digest: 27 December - 9 January

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Preparation for "referendum", position on Kazakhstan, "gravedigger" of Belarus foreign policy and activity for the next two weeks

Once again on why and how we should and will oppose the "referendum". About the general position of the democratic forces on sending the Belarusan military to Kazakhstan. About how Makei is destroying the country’s foreign policy. About all this and not only in our traditional digest.

And no less traditional "homework":
  • campaign for our "referendum" plan: come to the polling stations, tick all the boxes, make and confirm your action on the "Voice" platform;
  • if you are invited to the electoral commission — say yes and tell *Honest People;
  • put pressure on the regime with your own wallet: withdraw money from cards, take deposits from banks, buy currency, give up excisable and simply expensive goods;
  • share an exhibit for the Museum of Free Belarus (send it to our bot @NAUsupport);
  • watch the Democratic Forces New Year address.

Lukashenka’s constitution

Lukashenka expects, by adopting the new Constitution, not only to ensure his continued rule and impunity, but also to legitimize the lawlessness he has created. And he is very much waiting for our inaction, for he has seen what the Belarusians are capable of, and he is afraid of it.

We are proceeding from the fact that:

  • In the conditions of repression, it is impossible to hold a broad discussion of the Constitution and a "referendum";
  • the dictator will do his best, as usual, to dust his eyes, to try to convince the "nationwide support" for his manipulations, using the loyalists;
  • The implementation of the institution of the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly will mean a final usurpation of power in Belarus;
  • The project proposed by the dictator does not correspond to the needs of the society, the spirit of the times and the demand for changes.

Therefore, we must and will oppose it. And citizen Lukashenka, for his part, will be brought to justice, no matter what the project may be.

We will come to an illegal "referendum" - and this turnout will be a protest. We will put crosses in front of all the options on the ballot, symbolically crossing out the dictator’s "plebiscite". We will take pictures of the invalid ballots, confirming our action on the "Voice" platform. And we will prepare for the "referendum" now: we will tell everyone who wants change in Belarus about our plan, register on "Voice" ourselves and invite to the platform even those who today do not agree with the strategy of the democratic forces.

Situation in Kazakhstan

The NAM, the Office of Sviatlana Tsihanouskaya and the Coordination Council expressed a common position on the sending of the Belarusian military to Kazakhstan. The democratic forces believe that what is happening in Kazakhstan is an internal political conflict, not an external threat. It means that no outside forces should interfere in the events, including the member countries of the CSTO, which was created precisely to protect against external aggression.

Even leaving aside the obvious fact that citizens have the right to protest and nations have the right to decide their own future: by sending Belarusian soldiers to Kazakhstan, the unauthorised Lukashenka creates a dangerous precedent and risks for relations between our countries, which have nothing to share.

The "gravedigger" of foreign policy

According to information obtained by the NAM from the Underground organization of Belarusian diplomats "Victory", "purges" for political reasons are continuing in the Belarusian Foreign Ministry. Head of the main consular department, former ambassador to Hungary Aleksandr Hainowskiy was fired on the first day of the new year. Thanks to the efforts of citizen Makei, who has become the "gravedigger" of Belarusian diplomacy, and the KGB, more than 100 employees of the Foreign Ministry and representative offices have been dismissed "for political reasons" since August 2020.

The NAM calls on all Belarusian diplomats to unite to confront those who are destroying the foreign policy, reputation and people of our country before our very eyes.

Museum of Free Belarus

The painting "At Christmas…" from artist Olga Yakubovska’s famous series of white-red-and-white seals symbolising the Belarusians has become part of the Museum of Free Belarus. It happened thanks to our countryman, programmer Ivan, who now lives in Georgia and, having bought the work at a Christmas charity auction of the Belarusian Council of Culture, donated it to the Museum.

We would like to remind you that anyone can contribute to the expansion of the Museum of Free Belarus. If you have evidence of our people’s struggle for freedom which you think has potential historical value, please send us a chat-bot @NAUsupport, if you wish — on the condition of complete anonymity.

Defeating a dictatorship is everyone’s business. We offer you:

  • tell family and friends about our strategy for the "referendum": turn up at the polling stations and put X’s in all the boxes, making the ballot paper invalid;
  • if you are called to the electoral commission — give your consent and inform the *Honest People community;
  • "chisel, chisel, chisel this power" also economically: do not keep money on cards and deposits, refuse from excisable goods and expensive purchases;
  • to pass the evidence, be it a poster, a flag or a letter from a political prisoner, of our struggle to the Museum of Free Belarus (chat-bot for messages: @NAUsupport);
  • watch a joint New Year’s address with plans for 2022 by Pavel Latushka, Sviatlana Tsihanouskaya and other leaders of the Belarus democratic forces.

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