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Forum "New Belarus against torture"

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On the eve of the international day in support of victims of torture Belarusians Abroad and the People’s Embassies of Belarus, with the support of the National Anti-Crisis management, are holding a forum "New Belarus against torture".

Who is involved?

The forum will be attended by Belarusian and international human rights activists, representatives of the democratic forces, politicians and representatives of international organizations, as well as victims of torture who managed to escape the regime’s persecution.

The forum will be opened by the leader of democratic Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, as well as the head of the National Anti-Crisis Management Pavel Latushka.

What are the tasks of the forum?

The forum expresses the voices of victims who survived the system of torture and inhuman treatment of people created by the regime of the Belarusian dictator Lukashenka.

Belarusian and international human rights defenders will tell you what their job is to register and document the systemic torture of the Belarusian regime, how they help victims of torture and what pressure they have to overcome in fulfilling their mission.

Employees of national law enforcement agencies in developed Western democracies and international officials will talk about the international system of tracing and prosecuting persons who have committed crimes against humanity and the inevitability of their punishment.

The work of the forum will end with the adoption of an open document, to the signing of which will be invited everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of people who have undergone torture and inhuman treatment of the regime, and who is ready to participate in the program of searching and prosecuting all those responsible for crimes against humanity in Belarus.

In the 21st century and in New Belarus there should be no place for torture and inhuman cruelty.

The forum can be watched live on the Belarusi Zamezhzha Youtube channel

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