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"People's Constitution": we attract doubters to the campaign and we go to victory together!

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The more citizens join the "People's Constitution" campaign, the higher the likelihood that the Lukashenka’s regime will not be able to change the Basic Law "for itself" again. The better the Belarusians are informed about the future constitutional reform and the Constitution as a whole, the more chances that this time we will all be able to decide for ourselves how we live.

Are there those in your social circle who believe that now is not the time to discuss the Constitution, or do not believe in the possibility of the whole country to write a draft of the Basic Law and achieve its submission to a referendum? Or convinced adherents of the 1994 Constitution, who do not realize that it "gave birth" to the dictator, and therefore do not want to participate in the creation of a new project?

These people are needed by the "People's Constitution" campaign — Belarus needs them!

Earlier we explained why the return of the 1994 Constitution is not the best option and why all our actions around the constitutional reform make sense, even in spite of the lawlessness that has gripped Belarus.

What can you do?

1) Raise the subject of the Constitution in conversations with family and friends, at work. Explain its importance for Belarus right now. Everyone should understand: if we are not active, the regime will be able to do anything, including legally depriving Belarusians of the right to vote.

2) Join and start discussions about constitutional reform on social media.

3) Tell about the campaign "People's Constitution", with the help of which we will interfere with the plans of the dictatorship and will demand the opportunity to vote in a referendum for the Basic Law that will serve the people. Explain how to send an appeal to the Constitutional Commission using a chatbot on Telegram and Viber.

4) Use the arguments that we have given (onetwo) in conversations, comments and publications about the 1994 Constitution and the People’s Constitution campaign. Forward the links to these posts to the doubters.

5) Continue to follow the news and educational materials of the "People's Constitution" campaign and share them with as many people as possible: both in real life and on the Internet.

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