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One of the reasons for the hidden emission is preferential loans for security forces and propagandists

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The unwarranted emission by the National Bank in the second half of 2020 was intended, among other things, to provide preferential housing loans to security forces and propagandists.

We continue to share the information we receive as part of the campaign to work with honest officials.

Yesterday we received confirmation that one of the reasons for the hidden emission was the need to enforce Lukashenka decrees to build preferential housing for the defenders of his regime. Thus, a significant part of the money was sent to support banks that issue soft loans for apartments, promised by Lukashenka to propagandists and security forces for loyalty.

We have said before that the regime is woefully short of money to hold on to power. And it has come up with nothing better than to run the "printing press".

It is important to understand that preferential loans with printed money will only accelerate the collapse of the economy, and the receipt of such loans by the law enforcers and propagandists can be called their "contribution" to Lukashenka imminent departure. But the price of this "contribution" for the Belarusians is incessant terror and inflation devouring our salaries.

This information is yet another confirmation of the importance of active participation of Belarusians in the ATM-exchange-bank action. The less of our money is left in the banks, the faster we will stop the violence and lies with which the law enforcers and propagandists earn their preferential flats.

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