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How to turn the Lukashenka regime into a legal and political zero?

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Pavel Latushka answered the most frequent questions about the NAM campaign for official international non-recognition of Lukashenko and his government. And he told about what everyone can do to bring the collapse of the dictatorship in Belarus closer.

  • Non-recognition and illegitimacy — why aren’t they one and the same?
  • Haven’t the USA and the EU already declared their non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government — in the Democracy Act and the European Parliament resolution?
  • How is the non-recognition of a government carried out, what kinds and ways are there?
  • Will the official non-recognition of Lukashenka’s government by other states lead to the closure of their embassies and consulates in Belarus?
  • How exactly would non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government help our struggle against the dictatorship?
  • What are our chances of success and why should each of us support Masha Zabara’s petition for non-recognition of the dictator and his government?

✏️Link to the petition(for users from Belarus — only via VPN)

📝Text version of the answers

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