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"Why our strategy on the "referendum" is action instead of inaction"

Pavel Latushka explained the importance of actively opposing the "referendum" with examples of key areas of pressure on the regime.

— We are realists and understand perfectly well that Lukashenka will not leave immediately after the "referendum" that we intend to cross. Is this a reason not to counteract? Definitely not.

— After all, according to this logic, there is no need to fight on the outside as well: sanctions pressure, legal, diplomatic pressure. But it is hardly possible to agree with this.

— Everything we do, we do to weaken the regime, to deprive it of all possible resources — political, diplomatic, financial, legal. Legitimacy is also a resource. And right now, the regime is practically at zero.

— The referendum is meant to be a source of legitimacy for the regime, and thus a source of strengthening it. Can we watch it replenish this resource while we do nothing? No and no.

— There are only two ways: action and inaction. Both outside and inside the country. That is why we do not retreat from our strategy and suggest that Belarusians act together: come to the polling stations and make the "referendum" invalid.

— Only through activity can one achieve change. And nothing can be achieved by inaction.

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