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Details of the KGB special operation. How Lukashenka terrorizes Europe with migrants

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What urgent measures need to be taken to stop the regime’s crimes and hybrid warfare on the border with the EU?

Pavel Latushka, Lena Zhivoglod and Artsiom Praskalovich analyze in detail the migration crisis and the hybrid war on the border with the EU provoked by the Lukashenka’s regime, the special operation of the Belarusian special services for the organization, development and potential escalation of the situation on the border to the "hot" phase.

What did the representatives of the NAM team tell about?

 — When did the special operation to create a migration crisis and unleash a hybrid war begin?

 — What factors indicate the threat of its escalation?

 — Who helps the Belarusian special services in carrying out this special operation?

 — How do illegal migrants get to Belarus and the border with the EU?

 — What needs to be done to stop the hybrid war and prevent its escalation and new casualties?

 — What grounds are important to use for bringing Lukashenka and his accomplices to international criminal responsibility?

The answers to these questions and more details on the situation at the border are in our video.

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