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"The People's Constitution": send your appeal to the Constitutional Commission

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Until and including August 1, we still have an opportunity to demand that the Constitutional Commission consider the people’s draft of the Constitution for submission to a referendum. If you haven’t had time to do it yet, now it is the time! Recall that you only need to register on the platform "Honest Choice" through a chatbot in your convenient messenger and follow the simple instructions.

What are we talking about?

Lukashenka wants to impose on us a dubious choice: to keep the existing Constitution or to approve a new one, even more beneficial to the dictatorship. We do not accept this choice.

As part of the "People's Constitution" campaign, we are creating our draft of the Basic Law with the whole nation. In order to get it submitted to a referendum, we are sending appeals to the Constitutional Commission. Thousands of citizens have already done so — and we urge you to join them.

Why is it important?

We must not allow the regime to do whatever it wants. We must show that we want and will participate in the political processes in the country and achieve what is really needed for the people. All the more so because we and our children will have to live by this Constitution.

Why the topic of constitutional reform is so important even when the dictatorship is not yet defeated and why all our actions make sense, find out at this link.

How to send an appeal to the Constitutional Commission?

  1. Sign up for the People’s Constitution campaign via the chatbot in Telegram or Viber and follow the instructions.
  2. Choose the appropriate way to send your appeal: email or postal mail.
  3. Fill in the prepared template and send your appeal.

The Constitutional Commission is only accepting the citizen proposals until August 1 — submit your appeal now!

All details about the People’s Constitution campaign on website

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