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Discuss the People's Constitution with the SHOD delegates!

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SHOD delegates are involved in the process of public discussion of the People’s Constitution!

From today, everyone can send their questions and proposals on the draft Constitution to the delegates of the SHOD. Feedback is collected:

1) Through the feedback forms with delegates on the website: (choose your delegate, go to his profile and click on the "Ask a question to the delegate" button);

2) In courtyard and district chats, where the delegates themselves will start the process of discussion with their neighbors.

Based on the results of receiving and processing feedback on July 20, the first session of the delegates of the SHOD on the topic "Political system: Parliament, President, Government" will take place.

At the session, representatives of the Public Constitutional Commission (PCC) will hold a public presentation on the stated topic, and delegates will voice the questions and suggestions received from you. At the end of the session, the delegates will prepare a resolution and submit it to the PCC to take into account your comments in further work on the draft Constitution.

In total, 4 such sessions will be held on the SHOD platform on the topics:
1. "Political system: Parliament, President, Government" (20.07);
2. "Elections and Referendum" (27.07);
3. "Human Rights" (03.08);
4. "Local self-government" (10.08).

Where else is the discussion and collection of feedback on the people’s draft of the Constitution held?

— Web page of the Constitution of New Belarus:

On the web page you can familiarize yourself with the article-by-article text of the draft Constitution and make proposals for each article.

— On social networks of the united democratic forces:

Chatbot of the Office of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya;
Channel of the National Anti-Crisis Management;
Channel of the Coordination Council;
Community channel *Honest People.

We are convinced that the Constitution should be discussed and created by those who will adopt it — the citizens of Belarus. Join us!

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