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This is a necessary measure to free the innocent from prison and stop lawlessness

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"This is a necessary measure to free the innocent from prisons and stop lawlessness". Refinery workers from Mozyr and Novopolotsk on US sanctions

Over the weekend the Federation of Trade Unions held a rally in front of the US Embassy against the sanctions, which the country imposes to help stop repression, release political prisoners, and hold new and fair elections in Belarus. According to the community *Honest People, many protesters were not told where they were going until the last moment.

What do workers of "Naftan" and Mozyr oil refinery really think about the U.S. sanctions? *Honest People collected opinions from the plants:
— "I have worked at the JSC "Mozyr Oil Refinery" for many years and have experienced all sorts of things, but now the mood at the plant is divided.

Most support the sanctions and are willing to tolerate for the sake of victory. There are those who also understand and support but are worried. But there are also those who see the point only in satisfying natural needs and for a cup of soup are ready to bend over for anyone."

— "I support sanctions. I understand that it is a necessary measure to free innocent people from prisons, and generally an effective method of fighting against the current lawlessness."

 — "It is harder now with the purchase of equipment and components, most of them are foreign-made. If they cannot find analogues, it will be a question of stopping for technical reasons. The pro-government trade union has started collecting signatures for the abolition of sanctions, its members were sent to embarrass themselves in Minsk on a picket to the US embassy. So, it’s very serious!"

 — "People started to get agitated when they saw what was going on: repressions, the negligent attitude of the leadership, the crooked attempt at optimization and the prospect of being left without money. The sanctions are definitely working, which means that our victory is coming".

As a reminder, at the end of April, the US announced the imminent renewal of sanctions against nine Belarusian petrochemical companies. Every Belarusian can declare his own sanctions against the dictatorship: for example, to refuse to buy fuel or severely reduce its consumption. This is especially true of the 95th petrol, the boycott of which is most effective. This would prevent the regime from making money for the ongoing repression.

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