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The NAM Digest: April 5-18

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The NAM Digest: economic pressure, announcement of Pavel Latushka’s party, police reform, rehabilitation of victims of political repression and forms of protest for everyone

We are introducing a new format: a digest where every fortnight we will tell what the NAM is doing and suggest how everyone can contribute to the common victory.

How does The NAM increase economic pressure on the regime? Why has Pavel Latushka announced his intention to create a political party? How do we see the militia of New Belarus? How do we plan to help the victims of political repressions?

About all of this, as well as how every Belarusian can bring Lukashenko’s departure closer, are in the cards.

It’s time to act together:
- Deprive the regime of money with an ATM-exchange-bank action
- To write a letter to the International Labour Organization about repression in Belarus
- Report to the European Broadcasting Union about the involvement of Belteleradiocompany in torture

Domestic economic pressure

The "ATM-exchange-bank" campaign has become really popular. Thousands of Belarusians have already withdrawn all money from their cards and converted it into foreign currency, and taken deposits from banks to leave the regime without a livelihood. If you haven’t already done the same, now is the time to fix it!

External economic pressure

The NAM continues to work to end Yara’s relationship with the regime. The other day we sent a letter to the Norwegian authorities urging them to influence Yara’s business policy, and we secured the support of the country’s Liberal Party. We also handed a petition signed by 83,500 Belarusians to Yara’s management to end cooperation with "Belaruskali" and reminded them of the repression at the "Belaruskali" enterprise.

External economic pressure

We have also drawn the attention of tobacco companies to smuggling of Belarusian cigarettes and using the proceeds even from their legal sales to finance repression.

Another focus of the NAM is to encourage foreign investment funds and banks to sell Belarusian government bonds. Recall that three Danish investment funds already got rid of the bonds earlier. The situation is being actively promoted in major European media.

Pavel Latushka’s future party

The NAM head Pavel Latushka has announced plans to create a political party. We see New Belarus as a parliamentary-presidential republic and believe this form of government is the best way to avoid a repeat of dictatorship. The announcement of the party is also another tool to put pressure on the regime, to ensure stability in the country during the transition period and to oppose Lukashenko’s possible game of pseudo-democracy.

Rehabilitation of victims of political repression

Work continues on the development of the Concept for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression, approved by the NAM in early April. We are already developing specific legal mechanisms for this procedure so that all political prisoners can be released in the first minutes after the fall of the regime, and are preparing regulations for the National Commission for Rehabilitation and the Relief Fund for the Repressed.

Working with officials

Almost 1700 employees of the state bodies signed an open letter in support of Lukashenka’s resignation, three quarters of them acting officials. We forwarded this information to the Presidential Administration, the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court with the demand to take measures to overcome the social and political crisis in Belarus.

It’s time to act together!

Each and every one of you can bring the day of our common victory closer. We invite you:
  • Join the "ATM-exchange-bank" action: withdraw money from your cards, convert it into foreign currency and take out deposits. It’s easy and safe, but it’s also painful for the regime;
  • Advocate individually or collectively to the International Labour Organisation about the pressure on supporters of change;
  • Inform the European Broadcasting Union about the involvement of the "Belteleradiocompany" in torturing peaceful Belarusians and providing misleading information about the situation in the country.

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