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Story of FC Krumkachy - Face of Protest #10

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After the presidential elections in 2020, repressions have affected all segments of Belarusian society, including athletes. One of the most striking examples of sports solidarity is the football club "Krumkachy", which has repeatedly received over the past 10 months well-deserved attention for its firm civic position.

Back in mid-August, during the pre-match warm-up, the song "Long Live Belarus" was played, and the team’s footballers went to the field wearing the T-shirts "We stand for the people". At the end of August, two players of the team were detained and beaten. Siargei Kazeka and Pavel Rassolka were brutaly arrested at the moment when they were returning home after training. Sergei and Pavel were walking close to the protest action at that moment. They were charged with damaging a police minibus, but it was clear from numerous video materials that they did not take part in any actions that violated public order. Pavel Rassolka escaped with bruises, but Siargei Kazeka received more serious injuries: he was diagnosed with a fracture of the third vertebra and kidney problems.

Two days after the incident, FC "Krumkachy" hosted "Dinamo Minsk" at home as part of the match in the Belarusian Cup. Before the match, the club received a warning from riot police that fans would be detained for the white-red-white flags and anti-government slogans at the match. The footballers entered the field wearing T-shirts with the words "We are against violence" on the front and "Rassolka, Kazeka and others" on the back. After the starting whistle of the referee, the team did not start playing, but applauded the stands for 100 seconds, where a huge number of fans gathered that day, who came to support the people’s team. The Krumkachy won 2:0, and the players marked the goals scored with a V sign and a heart folded from their fingers. After the match, the football club received a fine from the Belarusian Football Federation for non-compliance with the requirements for the match.

On June 3, 2021 journalist, YouTube blogger and Krumkachy footballer Alexander Ivulin and his video editor Yaroslav Pisarenko were detained in a rented apartment. The reason for the arrest was a flag that was hanging from the window of the apartment. Ivulin said that there was no flag during the search. Later it became known that he was taken to the Center for the Isolation of Offenders (CIP).

On June 4, in the Frunzenskiy Court of Minsk, a trial of Alexander Ivulin was held in an administrative case. Alexander was sentenced to 30 days of administrative arrest for "hanging a flag on a window". Its video editor Yaroslav Pisarenko received 15 days of administrative arrest for the same reason.

On June 13, Minsk hosted a match between Krumkachy and Volna. OMON fighters were seen on the podium, which had not been observed earlier this season. Also, the match was attended by the commander of the OMON GUVD of the Minsk City Executive Committee Dmitry Balaba. People in T-shirts with number 25 were not allowed to enter the stadium — this is the game number of Alexander Ivulin. The officers took several people to police beads. It is reported that two girls were detained, who were going to the match with the number "25" on balloons.
The political repressions against the people of Belarus are still going on…