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Natalya Zaderkovskaya joined the National Anti-Crisis Management

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Natalya Zaderkovskaya is a former head of the Department of Culture and Folk Art of the Ministry of Culture of Belarus. She participated in the development of the Code of the Republic of Belarus "On Culture", as well as other legislative and normative legal acts in the sphere of culture.

At the NAM, Natalya Zaderkovskaya will become responsible for culture and national heritage, replacing Margarita Levchuk in this position.

Margarita Levchuk, in turn, will focus on creativity. The opera singer herself is sure that she will help people more with her songs and creativity than with her political activities:

— My strongest weapon against the regime is my creativity, so now I devote all my time to it. We continue to be in close contact with the National Anti-Crisis Management team and personally with Pavel Latushka. I think we will do more than one project together. We keep pursuing a common goal — to make Belarus a free country, which will finally unleash all the potential of Belarusians, including its creative potential.

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