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Story of Vladzimir Neronskiy - Face of Protest #24

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Vladzimir Neronskiy is a blogger, author of the YouTube channel "Slutsk for Life". In February 2021 he was sentenced to 3 years in a general regime penal colony.

Vladzimir Neronskiy was born in Slutsk. He graduated from Slutsk State College and the Belarusian National Technical University. He is a manager-economist by profession. In 2009, he founded a company that produced charcoal. Father of four children: two boys and two girls.

"I love my city very much, so I’m not afraid to stand up for a better life for the people who live in it", — he said when running for deputy of the Minsk Regional Council of Deputies in 2018.

Since May 8, 2020, he has been continuously serving 40 days of administrative arrest. It is unknown when and where his trials took place, as a result of which he received another part of administrative detention. On 17 June it became known that Vladzimir Neronskiy was placed in detention center #1 in Minsk. A criminal case under two articles of the Criminal Code was brought against him. On 18 August it became known that Neronskiy was transferred to Zhodino pre-trial detention center.

On 2 February Logoisk District Court sentenced Vladzimir Neronskiy, author of the YouTube channel "Slutsk for Life", to three years of imprisonment in a general regime penal colony. Judge Aliaksandr Rybakou found Neronskiy guilty under two articles of the Criminal Code: article 369 and part 1 of article 342. The political prisoner was accused of calling in his videos on the YouTube channel "Slutsk for Life" for the actions that grossly violate the public order in Slutsk, Mozyr, Brest, Bobruisk and Mogilev. The court found that he did it in collusion with blogger Siarhei Tsikhanouski and politician Nikolai Statkevich. Neronskiy was also found guilty of publicly insulting Slutsk District Executive Committee Chair Andrey Yancheuski in his video on his YouTube channel.

On November 11, 2021 it became known that Vladzimir Neronskiy got married to his common-law wife Marina. Marina supported her husband very much after his detention and attended all court hearings of Vladzimir in Logoisk court. The wedding ceremony was held in Mogilev colony #15, where the political prisoner is now serving his sentence. After his release from the colony Vladzimir plans to get married with Marina in the church.