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All prisoners of conscience must be released without exception

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All politically motivated sentences should be reviewed by 26 April and the Belarusians who have suffered from them should be released

Only the release of all prisoners of conscience by 26 April without exception can be regarded as sufficient compliance with the conditions imposed on the Lukashenko regime by the US State Department.

This is the approach the NAM insisted on in a letter to the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) dated 3 February 2021 — to justify the need to renew sanctions against petrochemical companies.

To remind: as a result, the State Department recommended the US Department of Treasury not to renew the OFAC 2G license for a number of Belneftekhim companies.

We are aware that the revocation of the licence will have very serious consequences both for the regime and for the workers of the sub-sanctioned enterprises. But it is also important to understand that the regime is more likely to take these risks than to stop the terror. The regime is prepared to leave hundreds and thousands of people in prison and tens of thousands more in danger of repercussions from sanctions in order to hold on to power.

In this connection, we want to warn regime functionaries who are right now looking for ways to evade sanctions instead of releasing political prisoners — we are aware of all the "grey schemes" you have developed and we are already implementing the necessary countermeasures.

We are also continuing to work to deprive the regime of money in the following areas:

— freezing of state banks' correspondent accounts opened with foreign banks;
— disconnection of state banks from the Visa and MasterCard payment systems;
— early redemption of Eurobonds issued by the Finance Ministry and prevention of the issuance of new ones;
— a ban on financing any regime projects and businesses owned by the regime;
— termination of the contract between Yara and Belaruskali;
— Increasing domestic economic pressure under the "ATM-exchange-bank" campaign.

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