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"The People's Constitution": disseminating the information about the campaign to our neighbors through flyers

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The Constitution is something that concerns everyone. Changes to it are something that everyone should have the right to influence. If each of us is active, the Lukashenka regime will not be able to impose the Constitution it wants on us. Instead, we will be able — as we should — to decide for ourselves what Basic Law to live by and build our country.

To do this, we need to get the truth about the future constitutional referendum and information about the "People's Constitution" campaign, where we will all write and promote our own draft constitution for a vote together. Including those who do not use the Internet or do not know where to follow the news of the democratic movement. One way is to distribute flyers to your neighbors.

We’ve already prepared a version of the People’s Constitution campaign flyer for you. You know what to do!

Download a flyer for printing

If you haven’t had a time to join the "People's Constitution" campaign yourself, now it is the time to do so, and the chatbots of the "Honest Choice" platform in Telegram and Viber will help you do it. Take action and everything will work out!

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