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Repressions escalates, but protest continues

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The slogan "No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten", referring to the war times, is very much in tune with the slogan "We will not forget, we will not forgive" about the regime’s crimes. Vladzimir Astapenka, responsible for multilateral diplomacy at the NAM, on Fox News

  • Belarusians continue to protest in a partisan manner. We have a deep partisan tradition since the Second World War. Every evening and morning, in different districts of Minsk and other cities, you can find Belarusians protesting against the illegitimate regime. Yes, repressions are growing, they are frightening, but the protest continues.

  • The illegitimate authorities punish Belarusians in absurd cases. It’s hard to believe, but this is real life in Belarus now: a girl was detained for white socks with a red stripe, a guy was detained for a white-red-white TV box.

  • The Lukashenka’s regime is, in fact, waging a war against the Belarusian people. Many parallels can be drawn between the illegitimate government of Belarus and the fascists. One of the slogans of the Belarusian protest — "We will not forget; we will not forgive! — fits both for the crimes of the war times and for the crimes of the regime.
  • Of course, a dictator does not want to give up power — that means he must be forced into it. This enforcement is an increase in internal and external pressure. External political and economic pressure, sanctions are necessary to force Lukashenko to go.

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