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Platforms for discussing the Constitution - join us!

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The United Democratic Forces offer platforms for discussing the Constitution — join us!

The People’s Constitution campaign is open to everyone. This is not a closed process — we are indeed writing the final version of the Constitution together. In contrast to how a draft of Lukashenka’s regime is being written behind closed doors, without the participation of people.

That is why it is extremely important for us to receive feedback from you. And we guarantee that all constructive comments and proposals of Belarusians will be taken into account when writing the final version of the Constitution of New Belarus — it will be truly popular.

Where will the public comments take place?

1. Main platform — website:
— On the web page you can familiarize yourself with the article-by-article text of the full version of the draft Constitution of New Belarus;
— Anyone can go to the discussion of each article and make their suggestions, comments, ask questions of interest;
— The moderator processes your proposal and passes it on to the head responsible for working on the text of the project;
— After consideration of the proposal, it is either included in the text of the draft Constitution of New Belarus, or is rejected with reason.

2. Social networks
In addition to the official website, we also accept your comments and suggestions on the draft Constitution of the New Belarus in social networks:

— Svetlana Tikhanovskaya’s office: chat bot in Telegram
— National Anti-Crisis Management
— Coordination Council
— Community *Honest People

3. Platform SHOD
In the near future, public hearings of the draft Constitution of New Belarus will be launched on the platform of the people’s representatives SHOD.

A detailed algorithm for the adoption and consideration of proposals under the People’s Constitution campaign will be finalized and presented this week.

Help us achieve the submission of the people’s draft Constitution to a referendum — register in one of our chatbots and follow the instructions:

Discuss in social networks:
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