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The IMF Executive Committee should hear the voices of Belarusians abroad

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How is our campaign on the IMF developing and what needs to be done now to prevent the Lukashenka’s regime from receiving more than $ 1 billion from the fund?

Earlier, we reported about a meeting of the IMF Executive Board, at which the issue of issuing special drawing rights (SDR) in the amount of $ 650 billion was considered. Following the meeting, the IMF Managing Director prepares a report and a proposal for their distribution among the participating countries. The quota of Belarus in this distribution is over $ 1 billion.

At the moment, the decision to release SDR has already been made. Following the meeting, the IMF Managing Director prepares a report with a proposal for their distribution. This proposal must go through the approval of the Executive Board before being sent and considered by the Board of Governors. Who will make the final decision on the distribution and further transfer of SDR. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

At this time, the Executive Board has not yet approved the proposal for the Governing Board. However, this will happen soon.

Therefore, we again ask all Belarusians living abroad to send appeals to the members of the IMF Executive Board, representing your countries on it:

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Let’s remind the goals of our campaign:
  1. Ensure that the current head of the National Bank Pavel Kallaur and Finance Minister Yuri Selivestrov are recognized as illegitimate representatives of Belarus in the IMF;
  2. Prevent the transfer of the allocated SDR quota to the illegitimate government in order to preserve these funds for New Belarus.

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