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Why is it important to achieve the non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government?

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International non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government is the most powerful tool for real support of the Belarusian struggle against the dictatorship

The result of the common strategy of the USA, EU, Great Britain, Canada and their allied countries for the victory of democracy in Belarus should be a political decision.

Earlier, we raised this topic when we urged Belarusians to write to US senators and congressmen in support of Robert Menendez’s letter, and also in a recent interview with Pavel Latushka.

Today we will reveal this thesis in detail.

First, it is the non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government, and NOT the recognition of his "illegitimacy" that is the legally correct term.

Secondly, non-recognition will allow:

 — guaranteed to block access to IMF resources for Lukashenka and his representatives and exclude them from the IMF and other supranational bodies;

 — to quickly launch the procedure for recognizing the Lukashenka regime as terrorist, depriving the dictator of political immunity;

 — invalidate any of his political decisions, including the signing of integration agreements with Russia;

 — send a clear signal to the entire world community that it is impossible to work with this government.

Thirdly, the issue of non-recognition is finding more and more understanding among Western politicians:

 — Robert Menendez (Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee):

In order to block the Belarus SDR allocation from going through, the IMF would have to formally de-recognize the Lukashenka government. The United States should lead this charge working through the IMF.

 — Nigel Gould-Davies (former British Ambassador to Belarus):

The IMF will not allow Venezuela to access existing or future SDRs, citing the disputes over whether Nicolas Maduro is the legitimate leader of the country. But the institution still issued the SDRs to Belarus despite the refusal of western governments to recognize Lukashenko’s "election" in August 2020. <…> This anomaly is neither morally nor strategically sustainable.

"Illegitimacy" doesn’t help. We will seek non-recognition. And we will achieve this.

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