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Famous Belarusians on the creation and submission to a referendum a draft of the people's Constitution

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Andrey Kureichik, Nikolai Khalezin and Angelica Agurbash expressed support for the campaign to create and submit to a referendum a draft of the people’s Constitution.

Andrey Kureichik: "When there is no time for laws in the country, we must think about the state that we want to build after this legal chaos. I am very glad that the united opposition has launched the "People's Constitution" project. The people have never really participated in the development of the main law, according to which they also live. And now we can talk about constitutional construction, about how the country should be governed, what are rights and freedoms, local self-government and the separation of powers. Let’s get involved in this process. We need to make sure that no one person can ever usurp power under any circumstances".

Nikolai Khalezin: "By the time the campaign for the adoption of the Basic Law starts, Belarusians should come up with a version of the Constitution that will suit not the dictator, but the people. This means that it is necessary to discuss it now. And there are all the conditions for this: first, an independent platform for discussing the project; and secondly, the project itself, prepared by a joint group that includes Belarusian legal scholars, lawyers, politicians and public figures. The draft of the adoption of the people’s Constitution should not be formal: for the first time, we had the opportunity not only to adopt the Basic Law, which we want, but also to do it for the first time meaningfully".

Angelica Agurbash: "Only together we can defeat evil and lay the foundation for New Belarus. The best way out of the current situation, which will help to unite the society and allow starting a dialogue, is to discuss the upcoming national referendum and a new draft Constitution. Lukashenka is preparing his referendum and his Constitution in secret from the public. But we ourselves must write our Basic Law, vote and control everything. Then we ourselves must hold new, fair elections for president, parliament and local government. We need to unite efforts to jointly overcome the crisis and achieve a referendum with the participation of our people’s project".

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