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Participate in the dissemination of information about the "People's Constitution" campaign!

Why is it important?

1) Lukashenka’s regime intends to change the Constitution once again. Taking into consideration the draft amendments published by the so-called "constitutional commission", they are planning to deprive Belarussians of their voting rights:

"Article 67. Elections are direct or indirect in cases and in the manner prescribed by the Constitution or law"

Securing this in the Constitution means that it is enough for the regime to adopt a separate law and replace direct elections with indirect ones — that is, without the direct participation of citizens. Are we ready to give up voting rights? No!

2) At the next referendum, they want to impose on you and me an uncontested choice: vote for Lukashenka’s new "constitution" - or leave the old one. Any outcome will be beneficial for the regime. But do we need such a choice? Once again — no!

What do we offer?

1) We invite all Belarusians to discuss together and create for the first time a truly people’s Constitution — on the basis of the draft Constitution of New Belarus from the united democratic forces;

2) To achieve the submission of our project to a republican referendum — alongside or instead of Lukashenka’s project;

3) Unite and fight for the adoption of the Constitution of the New Belarus, which will not allow a repetition of the dictatorship in our country.

What are we asking?

1) Tell all your friends and acquaintances about the People’s Constitution campaign. Send them a link to our website:

2) Invite them to register in our chat bots, so that they can use them to send thousands of requests to the regime demanding to submit our project to a referendum:

3) Share this post on your social networks or send it to your friends in private messages.

The People’s Constitution is our candidate for the future referendum!

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