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Pavel Latushka on the results of the Putin-Biden meeting

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"For both Moscow and Washington, Lukashenka is a problem that needs to be solved."

The comments following the meeting testify the virtue differences between the powers. For the United States, this is the protection of human rights and freedoms, the restoration of democratic institutions in Belarus and holding of fair elections. In turn, the Russian side proceeds from the priority of its spheres of influence, in which it has included Belarus, and does not notice the problem of mass repressions in Belarus.

We proceed from the approach that nothing about us should be discussed and decided without us. Belarusians have the right to independently decide the fate of their state. But if the issue of Belarus is brought up for discussion by world leaders, the position of the Belarusians should clearly sound there. Unfortunately, this was done only by one of the parties — the United States.

Putin avoided discussing the specific ways of overcoming the crisis in Belarus. This can lead to the implementation of two approaches. First, Russia will force the regime to hold a referendum on the new Constitution and early elections in Belarus. Second, Russia’s refusal to engage in dialogue creates additional opportunities for more decisive actions by its Western partners. The following will be used as effective tools to influence the illegitimate power of Belarus: complete political isolation, the application of sectoral sanctions, as well as bringing the dictator and accomplices of the regime to legal responsibility.

One thing is clear: both for Moscow and for Washington Lukashenka is a problem that needs to be solved. But the pace of solving this problem depends on us — Belarusians.

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