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"Two Fields" by Anatoliy Vertinsky as read by actor Sergei Chub

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Theatre and film actor, "Kupalovite" Sergey Chub supported the NAM action #ВершыПерамогi and performed "Two Fields" by Anatoliy Vertinsky — a poem about how war divides a person’s essence into peaceful and soldierly ones, and his life into "before" and "after", which may or may not happen.

In the #ВершыПерамогi project invites you to remember the thematic works of Belarusian poets on the eve of Victory Day together. You can join us too!

We also invite you to listen to other poems recorded by the NAM participants, friends, and subscribers:

Oleg Saltuk, "Belarusians" (read by Pavel and Yana Latushka)

Alexei Pysin, "Ivan-Chai" (read by Alexander Podobed)

Petrus Brovka, "And I think it will be so…" (read by Vladzimir Astapenka and Elena Zhivoglod)

Neil Gilevich, "You say I don’t know war" (read by Oleg Garbuz)

Yanka Kupala, "My Prayer" (read by Artsiom Praskalovich and Svetlana Hilko)

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