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New project "Robim Good" from Belarusian urbanists — with consultations, "Map of initiatives" and legal support

Robim Good is a safe platform for the exchange of experience between citizens, local activists and experts: with consultations, a "Map of Initiatives" and legal support. The National Anti-Crisis Management supports the launch of the project.

On the platform, you can share successful cases of urban activism and post new initiatives, involve like-minded people in their implementation and join already active ideas, attach and receive accompanying legal documentation to solve problems, and also monitor the status of projects on the "Map of Initiatives".

Within the framework of the project, Belarusian telegram users will be able to receive step-by-step instructions on urban initiatives: from "how to build a playground in the yard" to "how to protect the territory from development". To consult with lawyers and urbanists, it is enough to leave an application through the chatbot. This can be done anonymously, and any consultation is free. You will learn about all the important little things that are encountered at the stage of implementation: the collection of signatures, and an application to the executive committee, and many other nuances.

Project partners: *Honest people and Movement "For Freedom".

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