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Currency "successes" of Lukashenka's regime over the past month

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The regime continues to lose resources, and the Belarusians keep their savings and participate in the ATM-Exchange-Bank campaign: two important figures for June

Despite the falsification of banking statistics and all the attempts of the regime to attract foreign currency depositors to banks in order to lure them into a trap, the results of these actions have only the opposite effect.

1) Minus $ 354 million from gold and foreign exchange reserves — these are the financial "successes" of the regime in June 2021. It is important to note that this figure has nothing to do with the sectoral sanctions of the EU, because they were adopted only on June 24. The melting gold reserves are a "merit" exclusively of the Lukashenka’s regime.

2) From January to June, Belarusians bought $ 457.8 million more currencies than they sold. Against the background of falling of the largest Belarusian state banks — Belarusbank, Belinvestbank and Belagroprombank — under European sanctions, there is no doubt that the difference between buying and selling currency will only grow.

It is important to understand that distrust of Belarusian banks and their falling under sanctions have one common reason. This is the Lukashenka’s regime. It is his actions that put the entire banking system of the country on the brink of complete loss of stability and solvency. And that is why we must constantly increase the pressure on the regime while saving our savings from it.

The savings that we will soon be able to invest in banks again — in New Belarus.

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