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Educational course to form the personnel reserve of New Belarus

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The National Anti-Crisis Management announces the launch of a diplomatic education course at the Centre for East European Studies of Warsaw University in the framework of postgraduate education. The program will help form the basis for the personnel reserve of New Belarus.

It’s obvious that after the fall of the regime there should be a complete replacement of Lukashenko's old guard with young professionals of state administration. Therefore, it is necessary to start training the personnel of New Belarus now. We are ready to cooperate with universities in Russia and any other countries that are ready to support us, — Elena Zhivoglod, NAM coordinator, says.

This course plans to involve promising Belarusians from all regions of the country in the training. Leading experts, including Pavel Latushka and Uladzimir Astapenka, will lecture within the course. The first groups of students will be formed in December of this year; applications are accepted until 10 December inclusive.

The training will be conducted by the Centre for East European Studies of Warsaw University. The program will focus on gaining practical knowledge and experience in public administration. The course includes internship opportunity in renowned international and supranational institutions, as well as a monthly scholarship
throughout the course subject to the completion of the program in Poland. The theoretical block will be conducted online, the internship will be held in the Republic of Poland.

You can find detailed information on the training program on the university website.

Applications with the necessary documents must be sent until 10.12.2020 to the following address: projekty. Interviews with applicants will take place online on December 14−17, 2020.

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