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Clumsy "fat cats". Who buys Eurobonds of Belarus

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"It's not just a business anymore, it’s a crime". Belarusians of Bayern protest again near the Allianz investment fund

For the first time, the Belarusians of Bayern organized an action near the Allianz headquarters on March 22. Then the protesters handed a letter to the company’s management demanding to pay attention that their deal was concluded with the Lukashenka’s regime, which will use this money to organize repressions against Belarusians.

On July 5, the Belarusians of Bavaria again went to the action at the headquarters of the investment fund. The picket participants demanded to end relations with the country in which the terrorist seized power. Belarusians have sent a new letter to the Allianz leadership. After all, Lukashenka is now dangerous not only for Belarus itself, but also for other European countries.

Allianz is one of the investment funds that bought government bonds of Belarus for a total of $ 1.25 billion before the elections. The German company has not yet got rid of the bonds, despite reputational and possible economic risks.

The NAM continues its campaign to deprive the illegitimate government of money. Every Belarusian can join it: there are many ways to leave the dictator without resources. Choose what suits you best.

Video: RAZAM Info

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