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The sooner Belarus gets out of the crisis, the easier it will be for the people and partners

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Anatoly Kotov and Vladzimir Astapenka are on the air of "Belsat"

Which of the international mediators should be involved in the search for a way out of the Belarusian crisis

Vladzimir Astapenka:

Because of the rigged elections, the country is in a deep political crisis, which is getting worse every day. The sooner we find a way out of it, the easier it will be for the people and partners.
The authorities responded to reasonable peaceful protests with systemic human rights violations, violence and tortures — an unprecedented situation that requires the same unprecedented solutions. We understand that the international community can put pressure on the authorities and help create a dialogue, investigate crimes and hold new elections.
We realise that such mission will be much more effective if it includes both high representatives of the EU and high representatives of the Russian Federation.

Anatoly Kotov:

The EU supports the Belarusian society, and Russia still continues to support the current government. But recently, the tone of the Russian Federation has also changed: there are talks about inadmissibility of the force use against peaceful protesters. No one expected such cruelty, which causes persistent associations with fascism. To support such a regime means being complicit in it.

Are there any ongoing negotiations with Kremlin representatives?

Anatoly Kotov:

In November, there was a conversation between Sviatlana Tsikhanouskay and the Kremlin representative to the UN. This is a kind gesture, because there were no such dialogues before. And as for other agreements on dialogue — this is a "troublesome business."

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