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Statute of limitation, assistance to those dismissed and expelled

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Rehabilitation of victims of political repression in Belarus: we continue to tell you how it will be

Justifying and assisting the victims of the Lukashenka regime is our priority after his fall. How exactly will this process work? We continue to answer your questions.

1) What is the limitation period for the NAM Rehabilitation Concept?

We all know that the dictatorship began to persecute political opponents almost immediately after its establishment. The first political prisoners appeared in Belarus in 1995. Our Concept is to help all those who have fallen under repression during the nearly 27 years of Lukashenka rule. Whenever you have suffered, we urge you to gather evidence now of violations of your legitimate interests by the regime so that you can be rehabilitated as soon as possible.

2) What help can those who were dismissed, expelled or maimed 5, 10, 20 years ago count on?

Regardless of the limitation for each case, the possibility of reinstating the repressed person at his or her place of work or study will be assessed. If, for any reason, this proves unrealistic, the victim will receive adequate compensation. As for those whose health has been seriously affected by the regime, we will work with the Ministry of Health to ensure that they receive all the assistance they need, from free medicines to medical rehabilitation procedures.

3) What is the order of priority for the cases of the repressed?

We repeat: first of all, we must release those who are in prisons and pre-trial detention centers for political reasons. The cases of the rest are planned to be considered in the order of receipt of applications — regardless of the nature of the repressions, but taking into account the specific circumstances. So, in parallel with the analysis of complex cases of many years ago, urgent decisions can be made on the provision of legal and medical assistance, rehabilitation in simpler cases. We understand that, taking into account the number of repressed people, all this will require a lot of time and other resources, but we proceed from the fact that absolutely everyone should be rehabilitated.

The concept of rehabilitation and the decision to approve the concept.

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