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Full transition to a contract army

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We are convinced that every citizen should participate in the process of creating the Constitution. This is also because there are many debatable issues in society, in which the whole country needs to seek a compromise and fix it in the Basic Law.

One of these questions is the army: should we keep the mandatory urgent draft or limit ourselves to strictly contract service? Community Coordinator *Honest People Zarina Sorokina believes that compulsory conscription is an atavism and therefore should be abolished, that Belarus needs an exclusively professional army and that this should be prescribed in the Constitution.

Recall that earlier:
  • head of the NAM Pavel Latushka proposed to fix in the transitional provisions of the people’s draft Constitution mandatory new presidential and parliamentary elections within 90 days after the document was approved at a referendum;
  • coordinator of the NAM and the community *Honest people Lena Zhivoglod expressed the idea of ​​Belarus returning to Magdeburg Law — in its modern vision.

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