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"The sooner we find effective instruments of influence, the easier it will be to rebuild the country again." Big interview with Vladzimir Astapenka for

The main thing from an interview with Vladzimir Astapenka, who is responsible for multilateral diplomacy at the NAM:

  • "Lukashenka is afraid that the system may fall apart, and therefore threatens those present at the meeting. But you cannot build a sound policy on threats, lies and hypocrisy. These statements show well the perception of the world by this person — he has neither the framework of decency, nor values, nor respect for generally accepted human rights and freedoms. He looks at the world through the eyes of a collective farm leader, so one of the ways to solve the problem is to stuff face."

  • "Makey had a historic chance to go over to the side of the people. I even remember the posters at the rallies with the slogans "Makey, don’t be shy!". He speaks the truth through the lips of the people, but he did not accept this truth. Makey as a person is a campaigner. He came to the Foreign Ministry from the army, so he understands orders literally. If ordered to fall and push up, he will do it."

  • "The sooner we find effective instruments of influence, the easier it will be to rebuild the country. It’s like in surgery: you need to make an incision so that the patient then comes to recovery. Now the main goal is to conduct new and fair elections. And the sooner this happens, the easier it will be to restore the economy, social and other spheres, which are currently in stagnation. "

  • "We have to overcome the split in society. Reconciliation is impossible without repentance and admission of guilt. Perhaps many spears will be broken along the way, but I believe that Belarusians are not a vindictive people. We do not have an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth philosophy. Therefore, I hope we will find a softer form of building civil accord".

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