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Cross out the referendum, cross out the lawlessness

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The «Voice» platform is being restarted in time for the «referendum»

According to various sources, a «referendum» in Belarus will be scheduled for February 27. On this day, the regime will try to deceive everyone: to pretend that it is legitimate again, and the Belarusians are ready to turn the page. But it is not.

Even in a climate of fear and against the background of constant repression, we, the Belarusians, are able to declare that the country's future depends on us.

All together, we can show it en masse at Lukashenka's «referendum». So as not to let the dictator's plans come true, we will go to the polling stations and put crosses in front of all the options, that is, invalidate the ballots. That will be our vote of no confidence in Lukashenka.


Through a joint mass action, we will show ourselves and the entire world that we are ready to take responsibility for our country and no longer wish to entrust it to unworthy people. We shall show that we believe in a future of Belarus without dictatorship, and we are willing to fight for it.
We must record our common actions at the precincts to expose the lies of the illegitimate government. At a time when the state equates civil control with extremism, we have the right to take on the function of vote counting as well.

Connect to the revamped «Voice» platform. It's still anonymous and safe. Take a poll no matter how you plan to act: support a unified strategy of democratic forces, ignore a «referendum», or if you haven't made up your mind yet.

The «Voice» platform for the «referendum»

*if the referendum poll in the bot does not start, enter the command /referendum

Website of a united strategy of democratic forces on Lukashenka's «referendum»

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