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The US Congress Friends group of Belarus supported the NAM campaign on the IMF

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They sent a letter demanding to restrict Lukashenka’s access to $ 1 billion, which will soon be allocated to Belarus

Congressman Bill Keating said that the "Friends of Belarus" group of the US Congress sent a letter to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The letter of the congressmen expressed the need to restrict access to special drawing rights (SDR) in the amount of $ 1 billion for the illegitimate authorities of Belarus.

— Belarusians continue to fight against the regime. The US and allies have made progress on sanctions against Lukashenka. The allocation of a billion from the IMF negates the achieved progress. Moreover, access to the fund’s resources gives a signal to dictators: they may even receive an award for organizing repressions against citizens of their countries at the state level," the statement of the "Friends of Belarus" group of the US Congress says.

Congressmen called on the IMF to restrict access to resources for the illegitimate government until a dialogue with democratic forces begins and fair elections will be organized.

It is noteworthy that this is the first official letter from the Friends of Belarus group.

In June, the NAM launched a campaign to oppose the provision of financial assistance to the regime from the IMF. The campaign has already been supported by both Belarusians inside the country and the diaspora, as well as officials from Europe and the United States.

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