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Belarusians must make an informed choice

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The NAM coordinator and community leader *Honest people Lena Zhivoglod — about the importance of active participation in the campaign on the Constitution

Highlights from the live broadcast on Malanka Live:

  • Boycott and non-participation in a referendum on the Constitution is a regime of "tacit consent". Even if (or when) Lukashenka proposes a choice without choice in a referendum, our strategy is to resist. We must take this chance. An important point: the referendum has not been announced, and there is no clear step-by-step plan of counteraction yet. But it is important to get involved in the campaign for the Constitution now.

  • The referendum is being discussed now. And this is a very important stage for civil society. Voting is already the final point. Before that, the same thing should happen as it was before the 2020 elections: heated discussion, debate. Belarusians must make an informed choice, therefore, it is simply impossible not to get involved in the subject of the Constitution. We understand what Lukashenka wants to do with Belarus. And what do Belarusians want? To make an informed choice, it is important to participate, it is important to immerse yourself in the topic, discuss and debate. A boycott is exactly what the regime needs: so that we do not participate in electoral campaigns.

  • "Zubr", community *Honest people, "Voice" - these are platforms and civil initiatives that are already involved in the future election campaign. Democratic forces will still formulate a proposal and a plan on how to oppose Lukashenka’s referendum. But there is already a clear position that there can be no boycott. You need to prepare and participate. You cannot even create the feeling that we are legitimizing the regime and agreeing with its scenario.

  • The regime is on the verge of default, political isolation. Yes, we haven’t won yet. And yes, the scale of the repression is scary. But the regime is not getting stronger. The dictator is terribly afraid of the future referendum: he remembers last summer. And we remember. We must hit the regime even harder than last year. From the second such blow, he will not be able to recover.

Full interview on Malanka Live. On preparations for a constitutional referendum, observation opportunities and lessons from 2020.

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